Our Biggest Update Yet! -24.02

Our Biggest Update Yet!




 We're thrilled to announce the release of our latest update, marking the most significant leap forward in our journey. In line with coreboot's new versioning format, we're adopting the YY.MM structure, starting with our latest 24.02 release. This change reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and user needs.


What's New?


The headline feature of this update is our transition to compiling our EC firmware with SDCC, an open-source compiler, replacing Keil. This shift aligns with our commitment to open-source principles and advances us one step closer to sharing our EC code under GPL2, opening up new possibilities for community engagement and contributions.


Here's What You Can Look Forward to in 24.02:


  • Resolved an issue blocking the scheduler on StarBook Mk VI
  • Added support for 100W USB-C chargers for StarBook Mk VI
  • Implemented various power optimizations for enhanced efficiency
  • Achieved faster power transitions for a smoother user experience
  • Tweaked lid behaviour for better functionality
  • Introduced new options to disable the card reader and fingerprint readers for increased customization


We encourage all our coreboot users to embrace this update and explore the new features and improvements. 24.02 is now available for installation from the LVFS.


If you need assistance with updating, please refer to our Guide.