coreboot configurator is dead - Long live CFR!

coreboot configurator is dead

Long live CFR!

We've long recognized the importance of tailoring your firmware to your specific needs. Initially, this wasn't common practice with coreboot. To address this, we created the coreboot-configurator. Once installed, this tool enabled users to view and modify the options within coreboot.

coreboot-configurator tool

One of our major priorities is to ensure our hardware is compatible with as many Operating Systems as possible. While the coreboot-configurator worked well for most distributions, we realized that depending on a separate program to change settings was not ideal. Thus, after extensive work, we've transitioned to CFR.

Upon updating to version 8.50 or higher, a new feature awaits you - the Advanced Configuration. This menu includes all the options you've grown accustomed to, mirroring the functionalities of a conventional BIOS.

Screenshot of Advanced Configuration interface

The options are now stored in coreboot's SMM Store, instead of CMOS. While this shift doesn't change how you use them, it paves the way for future enhancements. Unlike CMOS variables, these options can have attributes such as read-only, write-protected, and more. This opens up possibilities for secure features like Secure Boot and BIOS Lock.

If you need assistance with updating, please refer to our Getting Started Guide.