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We've been busy.

We've been busy.

Our #1 requested feature was to allow the Intel Management Engine to be disabled. Done - but what's next?

All of our laptops are now available with a choice of:

  • Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
  • Ubuntu 18.10
  • Linux Mint 19.1

Star Labs has joined the LVFS

The LVFS is an Open Source project that allows seamless firmware updates on Linux. The Star Lite Mk II, Star LabTop Mk III, and all Star Drives will be supported.

Features coming soon:
  • Adjustable keyboard backlight timeout
  • Adjustable GPU aperture
  • Function Lock to keep state between reboots
Features currently under development:
  • Power Save Mode
  • Disable/Enable Wireless
  • Disable/Enable Webcam + Microphone

Install fwupd from the Snap Store


The Linux Ultrabook you've been looking for

TechPills have reviewed the Star LabTop Mk III and found it worthy. Watch the review on YouTube here.


Beautiful laptops deserve beautiful themes.

We're working on a new theme that will include:

  • GTK Theme
  • GNOME Shell Theme
  • Icon Set
  • Cursor Theme
  • Sound Theme
  • Plymouth Theme
  • Grub Theme

The theme will follow our design language and fit perfectly with our matte black styling. This will be available late February.